Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tri For Fun

Welcome to my first blog post as the Director of Blogger Networks at Wellsphere. My name is Hua and I'm excited to learn more about healthy living, health related diseases, and more importantly the people involved around each of these topics.

With most things in life, I learn best by doing. This month I have decided to jump into the world of Triathlons by participating in the 22nd Annual Tri for Fun in Pleasanton, CA. It is a mini triathlon targeted to beginners and triathletes looking to "sprint" the whole thing.

3.1 miles Running
11 miles Biking
400 yards swimming

I have less than 3 weeks to train for this event and am excited to get into shape. My weakest category is swimming but I'm lucky to have the knowledgable Triathlon Wellsphere Bloggers at my disposal (http://www.wellsphere.com/detailedSearch.s?keyword=triathlon).

If you live in the bay area and want to participate here is the link:

Let's do it!

"no pain..."


  1. Good luck, winning is only part of it, participating takes much more!

  2. Enjoy the journey! Let me know if you need any help and thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm excited to meet you. Good luck training and take care!!

  3. WOW...talk about jumping inwith both feet. My lupus legs are jelous!!! Good luck!

  4. How did you do? Did you have a good time.

    Renee xoxo

  5. Hua,
    Thank you for your comment and invitation on my blog. I took you up on it and just applied at Wellsphere.

    I'm glad to find your blog. Make a great day!

  6. Thanks for sending us your wellsphere invitation. We're checking it out now. I'm glad you found our blog.

  7. How was your first triathlon? Did you love it? Thanks for the invite to Wellsphere. Already signed up and waiting for blog approval. Thank you!